2023-09-19 11:06:00

How to sterilize mushrooms?

When growing shiitake mushrooms, sterilization is an important step. In mushroom cultivation, the pollution rate is high and there are many bad bags. A large part of the reason lies in the sterilization process. How to sterilize mushrooms? Special attention should be paid to these aspects.
1、Sterilize as soon as possible after filling the bags. Some growers procrastinate after filling the bags, or make too many at once and fail to sterilize them in time. In this way, when the temperature and moisture are suitable, the microorganisms in the culture medium begin to multiply in large numbers and produce organic acids and other metabolites, causing the culture medium to become acidic. At the same time, the materials in the bag will germinate a large number of spores of miscellaneous bacteria, such as mold spores and bacterial spores. If a large number of spores of miscellaneous bacteria germinate, the buns will absorb nutrients and cause nutritional losses.
2、The time to sterilize mushrooms must be controlled well. There are four main factors that affect the sterilization time of mushroom sticks, namely: the number of mushroom sticks, the size of the mushroom sticks, the time it takes to reach the standard sterilization temperature, and the quality of maintaining the standard sterilization temperature. Mongolian yurt-type atmospheric sterilization is generally maintained for 24 to 36 hours after being exposed to the atmosphere. The sterilization time is difficult to control. If the time is short, the sterilization effect will not be achieved, and if the time is long, energy will be wasted.
3、You must be dedicated to lighting the fire. After the furnace is ignited, the fire must be burned fiercely to make the sterilizing furnace quickly ventilate. Only when the material is at 100 degrees can the bacteria be effectively killed. In order to reach the sterilization state as soon as possible, the fire must be burned fiercely at the beginning to quickly ventilate the sterilization furnace, and strive to reach 100 degrees in 4-6 hours. You must be dedicated to lighting the fire, and keep the material temperature at 100 degrees from beginning to end. Do not burn the fire while doing other things, forget to add firewood and coal, resulting in temperature drops from time to time. At the same time, the sterilization equipment should be carefully checked before each sterilization, and cooling water should be added during use to prevent unnecessary losses from burning out the boiler.
4、The placement of bacteria sticks should be particular. There should be gaps in the palletizing so that it is not easy to stack, so that deep sterilization can be achieved and the effect will be good. Furthermore, the stacking height should not be too high. The temperature should be checked frequently, and the temperature should also be measured during the initial heating process. If it is found that the temperature cannot rise normally, check whether there are any problems with the sterilization furnace pipes, the stacking of the bags and the plastic sheets covering the bags, and repair them in time. The intermediate temperature measurement is mainly to check the burning effect and find other problems in time.
In addition, the selection of sterilization equipment is also critical. Energy-saving, efficient, environmentally friendly, and intelligent sterilization equipment can assist mushroom production.