2023-09-22 16:41:41

What kind of bags are best for growing mushrooms?

1、Small bag cultivation bags are conducive to the selection of cultivation modes in areas with higher temperatures. Important issues that need to be noted are the small diameter, poor water retention effect, and easy water loss. It is not suitable for mushroom management in dry areas. Moreover, mushrooms shrink and deform after two tides. The shelf-type mushrooms are prone to bending and falling off the shelf, thus reducing yields.
2、The advantages of big bag cultivation are large capacity, space saving, wide adaptability of culture raw materials (all kinds of straw raw materials can be used), sufficient nutrition of mushroom sticks for winter fruiting management, and "heat preservation" conditions. In addition, the shrinkage of the mushroom rods used for autumn planting and straw raw material cultivation is beneficial to the later production, which is better than other specifications of cultivation bag models.
What needs to be noted is that the bacterial growth process in big bag cultivation needs to consider the problem of "burning the bag" due to high temperatures in the summer. It is especially suitable for off-season cultivation of straw raw materials in low temperature and arid areas.
3、The medium-bag cultivation mode is somewhat between the above two specifications, and is suitable for production management in subtropical and low-temperature areas.