2023-09-14 17:35:33

Temperature required for the growth of oyster mushroom mycelium

During the mycelium growth stage of Pleurotus ostreatus, temperature plays a decisive role when other conditions are basically suitable. The most suitable temperature for the growth of Pleurotus ostreatus mycelium is 25℃~30℃. Similarly, in this temperature range, many miscellaneous bacteria such as green mold and Aspergillus can also easily grow. Therefore, it is necessary to try to ensure that the oyster mushroom cultivation bags (materials) are completely sterilized before inoculation. Of course, it is impossible to be absolutely free of foreign bacteria.
After the sterilized bacteria bag is inoculated, there will be a phenomenon that the oyster mushroom strains compete with the miscellaneous bacteria still in the bag (material) to implant and grow. At this time, if the mycelium of the oyster mushroom grows quickly, extends quickly to feed, and grows vigorously, it will inhibit the growth of miscellaneous bacteria with an absolute advantage. On the contrary, bacterial growth and serious infection will occur. In the production process of oyster mushrooms, because producers are afraid of high temperature-burning bacteria, they often wait for the sterilized cultivation bags (materials) to cool down before inoculating them, and stack them with large gaps after inoculation.
In fact, when the fungus bag is cooled down for inoculation, the temperature at both ends of the cultivation bag is no longer 25~30°C, and heat will be lost when the inoculation bag is opened. In this way, the temperature at both ends will be lower, and the oyster mushroom strains inoculated at both ends of the cultivation bag will not encounter the optimal temperature required. It affects the rapid growth of oyster mushroom mycelium and gives opportunities for miscellaneous bacteria to take advantage of. In order to avoid this situation, it is necessary to create suitable temperature conditions for the growth of oyster mushroom mycelium.