2023-09-11 16:48:55

Several aspects that are often overlooked when building edible fungus greenhouses

When building an edible mushroom greenhouse, the following are some aspects that are easily overlooked:
1、Fire safety: Electrical equipment and a large amount of organic matter are usually present in edible fungus greenhouses, which increases the risk of fire. Therefore, fire safety measures need to be considered during the construction process, such as setting up a fire alarm system, configuring fire extinguishing equipment, and rationally arranging electrical lines, etc., to ensure that fire risks in the greenhouse are effectively controlled.
2、Drainage system: Edible mushroom greenhouses usually need to be irrigated and maintained at a certain humidity. Therefore, the design and construction of the drainage system need to be considered before construction. Ensure that accumulated water in the greenhouse can be drained in time to avoid moisture accumulation that may lead to diseases and growth problems.
3、Avoid the greenhouse effect: The greenhouse effect caused by sunlight in the greenhouse may cause the temperature to be too high, affecting the growth of fungi. When building an edible fungus greenhouse, ventilation and shading equipment within the greenhouse need to be considered to regulate the temperature and prevent overheating.
4、Adequate sterilization measures: Fungi are sensitive to germs and pathogenic microorganisms, so they need to be fully disinfected and sterilized before greenhouse construction. This includes thorough disinfection of soil, media, tools and equipment to reduce the presence and spread of pathogenic microorganisms and reduce the occurrence of disease.
5、Electricity supply: Edible mushroom greenhouses usually require the use of electrical equipment, such as ventilation equipment, heating equipment, etc. Before construction, ensure sufficient power supply, and rationally lay out circuits and sockets according to actual conditions to meet the power needs of the equipment and ensure the safe use of electrical equipment.
6、Reserve space and roads: When designing an edible fungus greenhouse, it is necessary to reserve enough space and roads to facilitate equipment maintenance and the movement of operators in the greenhouse. Make sure there is enough space in the greenhouse for bacterial room layout, equipment placement and operation.
These aspects are often overlooked when building an edible mushroom greenhouse, but they are crucial to the normal operation, production efficiency and safety of the greenhouse. Therefore, these aspects need to be carefully considered during the planning and construction stages to ensure smooth operation of the greenhouse and high-quality production of edible fungi.