2023-09-02 15:53:05

Cultivation Technique of Morchella in Sunlight Greenhouse

After the mycelium of the bag is overgrown, when the minimum temperature in the shed is higher than 4°C, the method of flooding with flood water will be used to stimulate the buds. During the growth stage of young mushrooms, avoid temperatures higher than 25 °C to effectively prevent physiological lesions such as fruiting body deformities. Too strong or too weak light is not conducive to fruiting. When it is sunny, the light intensity in the shed must be kept below 400 lx.
In addition to controlling temperature and light, the air humidity in the shed should be kept at 70% to 90% during the fruiting period. The environment in the shed is humid, and pests such as mushroom mosquitoes, mushroom flies, slugs, and springtails are prone to occur. Measures such as hanging yellow sticky boards in the mushroom shed or manually capturing them can be used to control them.
After the mushroom body grows up, it needs to be harvested carefully before the spores shoot out to avoid hurting the surrounding young mushrooms. The harvested mushroom bodies are cut off the soil at the roots, and put into baskets according to size standards. When they cannot be sold as fresh mushrooms, they must be dried or dried in time. After drying, they should be immediately stored in airtight plastic bags for refrigerated storage. They should be protected from moisture and mildew to maintain their flavor.