2023-08-31 15:13:45

What are the advantages of mushroom hanging bag cultivation?

Pattern advantage. The outstanding advantages of organic hanging bag cultivation of shiitake mushrooms, in addition to the effective use of site space and easy harvesting and management, also has the biggest advantage, which is the basic integration of the advantages of "Gutian mode" and shelf-type cultivation.
The advantage of the Gutian mode, that is, the vertical rack cultivation mode, is that the "herringbone" racks are placed on the field to arrange bags, which is easy to manage water spraying, and is easy to manage harvesting and ventilation and cooling. The shed temperature and bacteria temperature are relatively low, and the water spray management for fruiting is the most convenient. The disadvantage is that the utilization rate of bacteria in the field space is low, and the capacity of the bacteria bag is small.
The advantage of the layered cultivation mode is that the space on the roof of the shed can be effectively utilized. Although the harvesting management is also convenient, the fungus sticks in the upper and lower layers are sprayed with water unevenly, often appearing dry at the top and wet at the bottom or wet at the top and dry at the bottom.
The shiitake mushroom adopts the hanging bag cultivation mode, which firstly solves the problem of uniform water spraying and the effective use of space. In this way, while the space is effectively utilized and more bags are placed, the problem of uneven water spraying on the fungus sticks is basically solved. Furthermore, the hanging space does not touch the soil, which avoids the strict standard requirements for cultivation on the soil. All called "organic" cultivation.