2023-09-06 17:19:19

How to prevent and control the hidden dangers of common bacteria during vaccination?

Common hidden dangers of contamination in the vaccination process:
(1) The disinfection of the inoculation environment is not strict.
(2) A large amount of natural air is introduced in and out of the personnel casually.
(3) The inoculation procedure is not sterilized.
(4) Strains and punching cones are placed casually.
(5) The inoculated hands are not subjected to any disinfection measures, or are touched everywhere after being disinfected (for example, the inoculated hands are directly inoculated with the strains without disinfection after moving the bag material, etc.).
(6) Misleading the disinfection concept of "one wipe clean", ignoring the hidden dangers and hazards of contamination and miscellaneous bacteria that have entered the bacteria hole at the moment the punching cone is pulled out with a large amount of unsterilized natural air in the ambient air.
(7) The actual disinfection effect of the sterilized drugs or instruments is not accurate and cannot be verified.
Design "sterile" inoculation procedures: closed inoculation environment. Use 95% alcohol to disinfect the surface of the bag material inoculation hole. The strains and punching cones are fixedly placed in containers of alcohol-sterilized towelettes. The vaccinated hands should be disinfected with alcohol every time before holding the bacteria, and the sterilized fingers are not allowed to touch any parts other than the bacteria. The inoculation site is equipped with an ozone generator to disinfect the staff's activities and exhaled air on site (note: design experts suggest that the actual effect of the ozone disinfection method is about 60 minutes later).