2023-08-25 11:29:46

The importance of equipment and facilities to the production of Agaricus Bisporus

1. The purpose of using equipment and facilities
Through the high investment in the initial construction investment, the labor cost of the later operation can be reduced. Investors or companies should calculate the cost-to-profit ratio of long-term investment in equipment and facilities, choose equipment and facilities that are suitable for the company's own situation, increase the degree of mechanization as much as possible, and reduce the process of manual operation.
Shorten the time of production process operation. The process operation time will be greatly shortened by using mechanical equipment. For example, the traditional manual feeding operation takes 20-30 hours/20 people (calculated based on the cultivation area of 600㎡), and the automatic feeding machine only needs 4-6 hours/7 people to complete.
Unify standards for individual process operations. The traditional planting process requires a lot of labor and takes a long time to operate. Generally, there will be different work standards and too long differences in the completion time of different positions, resulting in inconsistent production progress.
Increased controllability of production. When operated by personnel, the implementation of production instructions takes a long time and many links/steps. When operating with mechanical equipment and control systems, production instructions can generally be carried out in full accordance with the production plan, with higher controllability.

2. The elements that should be achieved by qualified factory Agaricus bisporus equipment
The first and foremost issue is the proper functioning of the equipment. Whether the equipment matches the actual production situation, such as the matching of height, efficiency, and processing objects, only after the equipment matches the production can the equipment play its role.
The design of equipment and facilities shall be provided on demand. Taking the tunnel filler as an example, if the carbon source selected by the factory is straw, it is necessary to add a high-speed crushing wheel at the discharge end of the tunnel filler. Or match the high-speed dial wheel/breaker wheel to shorten the length of forage and enhance the permeability of compost. If the factory chooses short stalk wheat straw, it needs the equipment of tunnel filler to reduce crushing and breaking up operations.
The user-friendly design in operation reduces the difficulty and requirements of operation. The use of equipment means to reduce the workload of personnel, reduce the difficulty of production and speed up the efficiency, so these problems should be paid attention to during the production or selection of equipment.