2023-02-03 10:19:19

Nine precautions for the inoculation of edible fungus mother culture

1. The flame of the alcohol lamp should be high
When the flame of the alcohol lamp is not high enough, the aseptic range around the flame is small, which is not conducive to aseptic operation, and it is also easy to cause incomplete burning and sterilization of the inoculation hook, which affects the yield after inoculation. The factors that affect the size of the flame of an alcohol lamp are the alcohol concentration and the wick. The higher the alcohol concentration, the better the combustion. It is best to use 95% denatured alcohol. The material of the wick is too solid, and when it is stuffed tightly, there will be less alcohol inhaled and the firepower will not be strong. Therefore, the wick is best twisted with cotton and pulled out to a certain length;
2. The surface and nozzle of the mother culture test tube should be thoroughly sterilized
The surface of the culture tube used as the inoculum was not kept sterile. Therefore, attention should be paid to the sterilization of the test tube surface and nozzle when inoculating. Specific method: After pulling out the tampon, turn it on the flame of the alcohol lamp for 2-3 circles, which can effectively reduce the pollution caused by bacteria;
3. Plugging, seeding, inoculation and cotton plugging must be above or near the flame
Once the tampon is opened, the mother tube and the tube to be inoculated cannot leave the flame, because only a small area around the flame can be absolutely sterile;
4. Inoculation hook
The inoculation hook should be burnt thoroughly, and the inoculation hook is preferably made of thinner material, and it will burn to red when burning. And pay attention to the burning length of the inoculation hook, the burning length is measured by the length of the test tube, and it is enough to repeatedly burn 3-4 times above the flame;
5. The tampons dropped on the ground during inoculation cannot be used
When inoculating, the tampon should be sandwiched between the fingers of the right hand, and should not be placed on the operating table. Once dropped on the counter, run it over a flame before plugging it. Do not use tampons that fall on the ground;
6. Cool the inoculation hook after flame sterilization
Uncooled inoculation hooks will scald the bacteria to death. Cooling is generally carried out in the upper space of the sterile test tube to be inoculated, and it can also be cooled on the top of the inclined surface;
7. Disinfectant alcohol should be cleaned
Pay attention to regular replacement;
8. The operation should be in place
The movement is light, agile, fast and accurate, and the sound is reduced as much as possible;
9. Work after inoculation
Clean up in time, open the doors and windows, and discharge the exhaust gas released by the alcohol combustion during inoculation. Then close the doors and windows, turn on the ultraviolet light for disinfection after use, so that it can be used again.