2024-05-31 17:21:50

Requirements For Water Replenishment Of Oyster Mushroom Bags

Replenishing water in the bag is a technical measure to improve the yield and quality of oyster mushrooms. Which bags are suitable for replenishing water?
1、look at the growth of mycelium. That is, the mycelium in the material grows vigorously, densely, and white.
2、look at the water content of the culture medium, that is, the water content of the bag has dropped significantly (less than 50%).
3、the natural temperature is stable at above 8℃.
If the above conditions are met, water can be added to the material 1 to 3 times during the fruiting period. The first time to add water is when the first wave of mushrooms is picked, and the second time is when the third wave of mushrooms is finished. If the mycelium in the material grows thin and weak, the mycelium turns yellow, the vitality decreases, or the moisture in the material is moderate, or the natural temperature drops below 5℃, or pests and diseases have occurred in the material, it is not suitable to add water.
The standard for water supplement is to make the quality of the mushroom tube reach the quality when it is bagged or slightly higher. Generally, the weight of the mushroom tube containing 1000 grams of dry materials should reach 2500 grams after water supplement. After water supplement, 2 to 3 waves of high-quality oyster mushrooms can be produced continuously, and the total yield can be increased by 50% compared with the conventional mushroom production method. If water supplementation is not available in the early stage, after harvesting 3 to 4 waves of mushrooms, as long as the mycelium in the material grows vigorously and the natural temperature is above 10℃, water supplementation can still be performed once, but the amount of water supplementation should be reduced by 20% to 30%, and 1 to 2 waves of good mushrooms can still be produced in the later stage. This water supplementation method must not be used in high temperature seasons to avoid overall pollution.