2024-02-28 10:38:39

Zhengzhou Satrise at 26th NAMC & 20th ISMS Congress

Zhengzhou Satrise Industry Co., Ltd Represents at the 26th North American Mushroom Conference & 20th International Society for Mushroom Science Congress.

On February 26-29, 2024, Zhengzhou Satrise Industry Co., Ltd will be taking center stage at the JW Marriott Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the prestigious 26th North American Mushroom Conference (NAMC) and the concurrent 20th International Society for Mushroom Science Congress (IMSSC).

This annual congress, which attracts mushroom industry experts, researchers, and enthusiasts from all over the world, is a pivotal platform to share the latest advancements, innovative technologies, and market trends in the mushroom industry. Satrise, as a leading player in the field, is poised to make a significant impact with this presence and participation.

The theme of this year's conference, "Betting on a Winning Future", resonates deeply with Satrise's ethos of innovation and forward-thinking. Our company, through its representative, will present the latest research and developments in mushroom cultivation, processing, and product innovation. It is expected to provide valuable insights to attendees and further solidify Satrise's position as a thought leader in the mushroom industry.

The NAMC and IMSSC provide an excellent opportunity for networking and collaboration, and Satrise looks forward to engaging with its peers, potential partners, and industry thought leaders. Our company aims to establish new partnerships, explore new markets, and share visions for a sustainable and profitable future in the mushroom industry.

With the rich history and strong commitment to excellence, Zhengzhou Satrise Industry Co., Ltd is excited to participate in this year's conference and contribute to the continued growth and prosperity of the worldwide mushroom industry. Our company looks forward for a fruitful and insightful exchange of ideas and experiences at the NAMC and IMSSC 2024.