2024-06-13 15:43:53

Advantages of Oyster Mushroom Factory Production

1. Balance output and avoid a bad market.
The oyster mushroom factory can achieve annual balanced production and only produce the output within its own sales capacity every day. In this way, the market is stable, and goods are available when prices are low and goods are available when prices are high. On an average annual basis, output is stable and profits will be stable.
2. Shorten the production cycle.
Pleurotus ostreatus is industrially cultivated in small bags, which results in fast growth and fruiting. The output is concentrated in the first two waves, the utilization rate of mushroom houses or greenhouses is greatly improved, and the output per unit area increases.
3. Improve output and quality.
Factory-based cultivation of oyster mushrooms fully or partially utilizes environmental control equipment such as cooling units during fruiting. High-quality products can be produced all year round, and the output will increase accordingly.
4. Stable production and high success rate.
The factory cultivation of oyster mushrooms adopts factory production methods such as liquid strains, mixer mixing, high-pressure sterilization, and inoculation in the inoculation room. The production is stable and can effectively control the contamination rate. The germination room uses environmental control equipment such as refrigeration units to ensure stable operation of production.
5. Reduce drug use and improve product quality.
Factory cultivation of oyster mushrooms uses high-temperature sterilization, inoculation in purified inoculation rooms, and environment-controlled cultivation rooms and fruiting rooms. Chemicals are basically not used, and the products are of high quality.
6. Reduce production costs and improve cultivation efficiency.
Most of the traditional oyster mushroom cultivation is a household-by-household model. Although the annual income is good, there is no extra profit after excluding wages. The industrial cultivation of oyster mushrooms is large-scale, the cost per unit product is reduced, and profits are significantly increased.
Factory cultivation of oyster mushrooms is an inevitable trend in the development of the edible fungi industry and also in social development.