Bagging Machine Automatic Bagging Line for Erygnii Growing

Automatic Bagging Line for Erygnii Growing

The automatic bagging line apply for short bag growth and widely used in eryngii industry.The bagging line include automatic bagging machine and automatic ring&lid covering machine,which can reach automatic cover bag, automatic bagging, automatic cover ring, automatic cover lid and automatic fill basket etc. It only request for one worker in whole line and save 3-4 pcs labor request. In working efficiency, it reach 1800-2000bags each hour and make mushroom bag growth finish full automatic level and high efficiency. 
The parameters for automatic bagging machine as follows: 

Item Parameter Data 
Dimension 190x204x195cm
Working efficiency 1800-2000bags/hour
Power 6kw
Operator 1 person
The parameters for automatic ring&lid cover machine as follows: 
No. Item Unit Parameter Data
1 Applicable bag cm 17/18/19
2 Filling height  cm 16.5-22cm
3 Dimension cm 290*190*163cm
4 Power kw 3.4
5 Voltage v Customized 
6 Total weight  kg 1650
7 Working environment -10℃~+45℃


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