Bagging Machine Bagging&Sticking Line for Black Fungi

Bagging&Sticking Line for Black Fungi

The bagging&sticking line suit for short bag growth and widely used in black fungi industry. According to automatic level difference, there are manual bagging&sticking line and automatic bagging&sticking line. The line include two parts: 1. bagging machine 2. sticking machine and apply for 17-18cm bag growth. It can reach 800-1000bags each hour. 
While sticking stage, it should tuck up the mouth of bag and fill stick into the hole. In order to make easy to tuck up the bag, this model machine request for PE bag and only PE bag suit for machine normal work. 
The parameter as following: 

Dimension Capacity Power Weight
230*60*140cm 1000bags/hour 6kw/3phase 220kg


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