2023-11-28 11:44:52

What to Do When Shiitake Mushrooms Fruiting is Low: Effective Solutions?

There are many reasons for the scarcity of shiitake mushrooms, but they are generally caused by four factors: accumulated temperature, color change, temperature difference, and mycelium. We should also distinguish and handle them based on the status of our own household mushroom sticks.
1.Accumulated temperature. When the accumulated temperature is insufficient, mushrooms will appear on the shelves. This phenomenon is quite common in our mushroom cultivation process. Generally, such bacteria sticks have common characteristics. The color change is normal and the strains are fine, but there are no mushrooms or there are few mushrooms. In such a situation, there is basically nothing we can do. We can only wait and never add water. Generally, the phenomenon of sparse mushroom production will be alleviated after the second crop of mushrooms.
2. Color change. If the color change is too light or too heavy, it is likely to cause the problem of sparse mushroom production. Especially for bacteria sticks with a lot of red water, the phenomenon of no mushrooms will be more obvious. If the mushrooms are not fruiting due to improper color change, you must first check whether the skin of the mushroom sticks is hard. If the epidermis is hard, you must use a wooden stick to scratch the epidermis of the mushroom sticks until the hyphae leak out. The phenomenon of non-fruiting will be alleviated in a short period of time.
3. Temperature difference. For water injection of bacterial sticks, the time of water injection must be mastered, and the temperature difference must be widened to reach above 10°C. Although there are many mushrooms around us that do not reach this temperature difference and still produce mushrooms, after all, they are only in a minority. Most still require stimulation by large temperature differences. If the temperature is stable and the time comes for water injection, we should try to inject water sooner or later for better results.
4. Mycelium. If it is not caused by the above factors, there will be no mushrooms or few mushrooms. Then we need to consider the issue of hyphae vitality. It is likely that the rods have not been raised well, or the rods have been raised for a short time. At this time, we can also break apart the rods to check and distinguish, and adjust the humidity according to the condition of the mycelium.