2023-11-22 15:59:45

Management Techniques for Oyster Mushroom Fruiting Stage

When the diameter of the young mushroom cap grows to more than 3 cm, it is called the forming stage. Management focus:
1、When the temperature is high, you should pay attention to water spraying and ventilation inside and outside the shed, and when the temperature is low, you should pay attention to the insulation inside the shed;
2、When the diameter of the young mushroom cap grows to 1 cm, the number of water sprays in the shed should be increased accordingly, and water can be sprayed directly on the cap. The amount of water sprayed should be based on moistening the cap but no water accumulation. Gray or light white varieties are more adaptable and have no abnormal reactions. Gray and black varieties are more sensitive to water accumulation and are more likely to produce yellow spots;
3、The water spraying time is once at 10 am and 4 pm. As the mushroom body grows, the water spray volume and ventilation should also increase, and all vents should be opened for ventilation day and night;
4、Ventilation and water spraying must be flexible. On rainy and foggy days, increase ventilation and spray less water. On windy days, spray more water to maintain humidity, and appropriately close or reduce the windward vents to prevent drying out due to rapid water loss. Do not close the vent after spraying water to prevent lack of oxygen after absorbing water, causing the mushrooms to turn yellow or die;
5、Maintain a good humidity environment in the shed and keep the air fresh. When the first mushrooms are 70-80% mature, they can be picked.