2023-10-25 17:28:45

What are the characteristics of the integrated electric heating energy-saving sterilization cabinet?

1. Compared with traditional split-type sterilization cabinets, the integrated electric heating energy-saving sterilization cabinet can reduce heat loss by 5~10%;
2. During the sterilization process of the sterilization cabinet, in order to ensure that the upper and lower parts have the same temperature, it is necessary to use pulse discharge of low-temperature steam or continuous discharge of low-temperature steam. The discharge accounts for more than 30% of the total steam consumption. This steam recovery significantly reduces sterilization costs;
3. The recovery rate of the steam recovery system can reach more than 98%;
4. Through the steam recovery system, the normal temperature water used in the boiler can be heated to above 90°C;
5. After heating, the boiler water requires less electrical energy to reach the boiling point and turn into steam when reheated;
6. The comprehensive energy saving effect can reach more than 30%.