2023-10-19 17:17:00

What causes edible mushroom sticks to rot?

1. The proportion of culture materials is unreasonable, the mixing materials are uneven, and additives such as urea, superphosphate, gypsum, and lime are excessive.
2. The culture room is poorly ventilated for a long time, with high carbon dioxide concentration and insufficient oxygen, causing hyphae to regenerate and affect mycelium growth and development.
3. The temperature in the culture room is too high for a long time, exceeding the suitable growth temperature range of mushrooms. After puncturing, the pile temperature rises significantly, causing "bacteria burning", causing the mycelium to grow fragile or even die.
4. If the bacteria stick is exposed to direct sunlight, the strong ultraviolet rays will burn the hyphae in the bacteria bag, and even kill the hyphae. Yellow water will appear in the bacteria stick locally. Too much yellow water will accumulate on the bacteria stick, which will affect ventilation and easily cause miscellaneous bacterial infection. .
5. The air humidity in the mushroom production environment is too high, the water temperature is too high when replenishing the mushroom sticks, too much water is replenished, and poor ventilation in hot and muggy weather causes the mushroom sticks to rot.
6. Mushroom roots are not cleaned in time after picking mushrooms. Mushroom picking personnel are not skilled in skills. When picking mushrooms, large pieces of culture material are taken away, causing mycelial injuries. After spraying water, mold can easily breed and the mushroom sticks will rot.
7. Pest damage: Pests enter the fungus rods through the vents to grow and reproduce, and directly bite the mycelium. After the mycelium is injured, a local high-temperature and high-nutrient environment is formed, allowing competitive bacteria to invade and infect, causing cross-infection of insects and bacteria, and causing bacterial rods to rot. Generally speaking, the insect population density in old mushroom areas is high, causing serious damage, and rotten sticks are also relatively serious.