2023-04-03 17:59:26

What are the main pests and diseases of shiitake mushrooms? How to effectively control pests and dis

Shiitake mushrooms are mainly grown in the low and medium temperature season, and they have a special aroma, which has a certain insect repellent effect, so insect pests are very rare.
The main diseases of shiitake mushroom are rotten bag disease of mushroom sticks. The cause of rotten bag disease is that the sticks suffer from high temperature during the germination stage, which leads to the decrease of mycelial resistance of the sticks, and the green wood mold and other miscellaneous bacteria take the opportunity to infiltrate the sticks. Therefore, to prevent rotten bag disease, the primary measure is to prevent the sticks from suffering from high temperature during the germination stage.
Mushroom miscellaneous bacteria contamination mainly green wood mold, red Streptomyces, blue-green Penicillium and other miscellaneous bacteria contamination of the sticks. To prevent mushroom contamination, firstly, the bag sterilization must be thorough; secondly, the purity of the strain must be high to avoid the strain from carrying bacteria; thirdly, the inoculation process must be strictly aseptic; fourthly, the mushroom raising environment must be clean and hygienic; fifthly, the mushroom stage must be kept ventilated and airy to avoid high temperature and high humidity causing cyanobacteria contamination on the surface of the sticks.