2023-03-24 17:41:38

Key points of harvesting and processing technology of sliding mushroom

I. Harvesting
The mushroom cap grows to about 1.5-2 cm and is harvested when the mushroom is not opened. The young mushroom without open umbrella is fresh and tender, good quality, when picking, gently pull up the mushroom root by hand, don't bring down the mushroom block, cut the root and salted, if the umbrella is open, you can start picking until the umbrella is open, don't go to the root and dry naturally. After harvesting, remove small dead mushrooms, residual roots and debris.
Look at the mushroom growth, and use special medicine when lack of nutrition.
II. Processing
Grade A: cap diameter 1.5-2 cm stalk length 0.5 cm or less, no umbrella, cut root.
B grade: cap diameter 1.5-2 cm stalk length 2 cm or less, cut the root.
Grade C: umbrella diameter 1.5-2 cm shank length of 3 cm or less, cut root.
Grade D: umbrella diameter greater than 2 cm or more, stalk length up to 4 cm or more, cut root, not graded for mixed goods.

Put the processed mushrooms into boiling water, boil the pot and then cook for 5-7 minutes, put the boiled mushrooms into water to settle and brown, fish them out and put them into cold water to cool down, fish them out again, control the remaining water, then they can be pickled. Standard according to 1 pound fresh mushroom plus 4 taels of salt, mixed after killing, mixed into pool (or tank), the first time to add saturated brine, not to make the mushroom body exposed as appropriate. 10 days later pour up and down once. Protected from rain, shade and low temperature can be kept for about 3 years, to be sold at a price.
3. Dried products

The opened mushrooms are raised until the umbrella is flat, picked, removed, strung and put on the shelf, dried naturally in the sun on a sunny day, with normal color and no impurities, put them into plastic bags in time and stored in a cool and ventilated place for sale. Pay attention to prevent rain and dampness, otherwise the mushroom block will deteriorate and become moldy, which will reduce the commodity value.
4. Fresh products

To be sold according to market demand.