2023-05-25 09:56:52

How to speed up the occurrence of Pleurotus ostreatus primordia?

The mature mushroom bed cultivated by Pleurotus ostreatus mycelium can adopt the following methods to promote the occurrence of primordia as soon as possible:
(1) Temperature difference stimulation method. Utilizing the natural temperature rise and fall day and night, supplemented by artificial management means, the temperature environment where the bacteria bed is located has repeated large temperature difference changes.
(2) Wet and dry stimulation method. Ventilation and water replenishment measures are adopted to keep the mycelium on the mushroom bed in a growth environment of alternating dryness and wetness, so as to accelerate the shrinkage and kink of the mycelia.
(3) Exposure stimulation method. According to the characteristics of the photobacteria effect in the primordia of Pleurotus ostreatus, light stimulation with flickering light can make the hyphae appear early to fruit.
(4) Shock mushroom stimulation method. Use wooden slats or directly tap the surface of the mushroom bed with the palm of your hand to vibrate and stimulate the mycelium to speed up the mushrooming.
(5) Pressure stimulation method. On the surface of the mushroom bed, scattered heavy objects such as small hard rocks, bricks and tiles, mycelium will grow mushrooms evenly and rapidly around the heavy objects after being pressed.
(6) Contact stimulation method. When sowing, leave soil ridges, mounds and bricks in the mushroom bed, or insert wooden strips, bamboo chips, glass and metal plates into the compost. When the mycelium is overgrown with compost and comes into contact with the above objects, primordium occurs very quickly.
(7) Scratch bacteria stimulation method. Use a razor blade, thick lead wire or bamboo broom to scrape off the mycelium on the surface, or draw several shallow grooves vertically and horizontally on the surface of the mushroom bed, or sweep the mycelium on the surface 1-2 times. It can stimulate mycelium and produce mushrooms in advance.
(8) Soil-covering stimulation method. Cover the mushroom bed with a layer of clay granules 1-1.5 cm thick. It is better to use a mixture of large and small soil particles, the large soil particles are like Guiyuan, and the small soil particles are like soybeans. This method is effective in stimulating mushrooming.
(9) Lime stimulation method. On the surface hyphae, sprinkle a few lime lines with quicklime powder vertically or horizontally, with a width of about 2 cm. This method can stimulate the mycelia at the lime lines to kink quickly and fruit early.
(10) Hormone stimulation method. Spraying a growth stimulant with an appropriate concentration can promote the differentiation of primordia, such as naphthalene acetic acid at a concentration of 5 ppm or indole acetic acid at a concentration of 2 ppm.
(11) Membrane stimulation method. Covering the mushroom bed with a film and using the film to adjust the carbon dioxide concentration in the film is the most common method to promote the rapid and uniform occurrence of primordia.