2023-01-05 17:44:04

The production process of morel mushroom nutrition bag

1. Treatment of culture materials
Wheat treatment: Soak the prepared wheat in cold water at about 10-20°C for 24 hours in advance, or cook it directly. Wheat is the main source of nutrition. If it is not fully cooked during the steaming process, it may cause the following:
1. Germinate, wheat may germinate in the ground.
2. Infection of a large number of miscellaneous bacteria, raw wheat is easily infected with miscellaneous bacteria.
3. Reduced production and insufficient nutrient absorption.
Corn cob treatment: Corn cobs are crushed and sieved after threshing corn cobs; they are fresh and free of mildew; the particle size is preferably 0.5-0.8 cm. 1 day before use, pre-wet, or 2 weeks of aerobic fermentation.
Sawdust treatment: The best wood chips are broad-leaved tree species, and the most suitable particle size is the nail cap of the little finger. The stacking and fermentation should be carried out more than 6 months in advance.
2. Mixing
Use a large mixer to mix the main ingredients and auxiliary ingredients at one time. When mixing the ingredients, it needs to be stirred at least 2 to 3 times to ensure that the mixing is even and the water content is moderate.
The first batching is mainly to mix wheat and sawdust, and fine-tune the moisture; For the second batch, add lime, gypsum and other additional materials on the basis of the first batch; For the second and third batches, sterilizing, insecticidal, and nutritional products can be added in sequence, and the materials can be fully stirred and adjusted evenly to avoid local uneven material or uneven pH. Stir evenly and pack into bags.
3. Bagging and binding
 Bagging: Use a bagging machine or manual bagging. There is no strict requirement on the tightness of the compost, and it can be properly loosened to facilitate flattening.
 Tying: Atmospheric pressure sterilization uses string or binding wire, rubber band to tie the bag tightly. Slipknots should be used for autoclaving, otherwise the seal is too good and the bacteria bag is easy to break.
4. Sterilization
If autoclave is used, it needs to be continuously sterilized at 121°C for 2-3 hours; if it is used for normal pressure sterilization, it needs to be sterilized continuously at 100°C for 10-24 hours

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