Bagging Machine Square Bag Filling Machine

Square Bag Filling Machine

The square bag filling machine mainly mean the compost bag is square after filling compost.
The machine special designed out as USA style filter bag and suit for Europe&North America market.
Because filter bag high produce cost and complex inoculate process, such style bag not popular in china, but popular in Europe and North America. 
The model bagging machine has eight filling tube and request for 3-4 workers, one worker cover bag, one worker pick up compost bag and hand it to another worker.
The filling tube can be customized as bag , like such style filter bag , 20*12*45cm filter bag popular in Europe and North America,
so the model machine design as 20*12*45cm bag, filling width 12cm , filling length 20cm and filling height 15cm, the compost bag weight about 2.2kg.
The filling capacity about 800-1000bags each hour. 
The parameters are as follows:


Model Size Power Capacity Weight
STBF-1 155*115*200cm 3kw/3phase 800-1000bags/hour 480kg


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