2023-11-09 10:43:43

Why do My Mushrooms of the Same Variety Differ in Quality from Others

environmental regulation
1. Temperature: should be determined according to the biological characteristics of the strain. Generally, the optimum conditions for the fruiting body development stage of shiitake mushroom strains are 15°C to 22°C. Below 5°C, fruiting bodies cannot differentiate and develop. When the temperature is higher than 28℃, the fruiting body development speed is obviously accelerated, but the fungus flesh is thin, easy to open, light color and poor quality.
2. Humidity: Moisturizing is the main focus during the fruiting stage, and the air humidity should be controlled to be above 90%. If flower mushrooms are cultivated, it can be adjusted to 60% to 70% according to their different development stages.
3. Ventilation: In addition to special requirements such as thermal insulation, fresh air conditions are generally required in the shed, and the carbon dioxide concentration should be controlled below 0.5%.
4. Appropriate lighting: Except for special cultivation environments such as civil defense fortifications, natural caves and other places that require increased lighting, the mushroom shed should adjust the lighting in the shed by removing the cover according to the growth requirements of the fruiting bodies. Otherwise, insufficient light will cause the mushroom body to have a bad color and affect the quality of the product.