2023-10-12 11:37:00

What are the consequences of "unclean picking" of mushrooms after bagging them?

For mushroom farmers, the picking of bagged mushrooms is a labor-intensive work process. The work is urgent, heavy workload, and time-consuming. Therefore, many details are often ignored by mushroom farmers.
Under normal circumstances, it is very common for mushrooms to explode. Shiitake mushrooms of different sizes cover more than half of the mushroom sticks. Therefore, during the picking process, mushroom farmers often pick the big ones and leave the small ones. After several rounds of picking, some dead mushroom buds were gradually ignored by mushroom farmers. Before and after water injection, you will find that the dead mushrooms are rotten and transferred from the mushroom buds to the mushroom sticks.
Recently, many mushroom farmers have encountered this phenomenon, which is due to unclean harvesting of bagged mushrooms, resulting in rotten sticks, and they are basically everywhere in the shed. As long as this happens, it will have a great impact on the growth and yield of the mushroom sticks in the later period. Therefore, we remind everyone that when picking bagged mushrooms, the dead mushrooms must be picked together, especially some very small young buds. If rot has begun, mushroom farmers must dig out the dead parts as soon as possible to prevent further spread.