2023-05-19 08:49:07

Analysis of the reasons for the failure of bagged white fungus

Because of the short growth cycle and the medium-temperature white fungus, the biological characteristics of the two mycelial hybrids are different, so if there is a little negligence in management, it will lead to underproduction or total failure. Comprehensive around the technical failure reasons are analyzed as follows: bag substrate is not good. The main reason is that the bag sterilization is not complete; the bag quality is inferior, many pinholes, so that the pollution is serious; also because of the culture material preparation when the moisture is too high, slow germination caused by contamination of miscellaneous bacteria; mix bagging time is extended, the bag temperature is high, microbial activity, the material sour, the strain can not eat the material planting.
1. Improper cultivation season
Under the natural temperature conditions, indoor cultivation of silver fungus is appropriate in spring and autumn, but some cultivators blindly advance or delay inoculation, the result of spring cold, high temperature in autumn, mycelium in the adversity of the growth of fibrous. Especially the temperature of autumn planting is unstable, especially when the mycelium is damaged by high temperature, which affects the ear and yield.
2. Inoculation gatekeeper is not strict

The inoculation room and tools are not thoroughly disinfected, and the environment around the inoculation room is poorly sanitized or close to the food brewing plant; the operator's clothes are brought into the room; inoculation is not done according to the requirements of aseptic operation, resulting in contamination of miscellaneous bacteria.
3. Poor temperature control of fungus development
The first 3 days after inoculation is the germination period and 4-12 days is the growth period. The temperature requirement is that the germination period should not exceed 30℃ and the growth period should not exceed 28℃. Some cultivators do not have a good grasp of this limit temperature standard, and do not take measures such as sparing the bag to dissipate heat when the bacterium is planted in autumn, resulting in the mycelium being endangered by high temperature, spitting black water at the mouth of the cavity and rotten ear; when the bacterium is planted in spring and encounters spring cold, the temperature is not increased in time, so that the mycelium is in low temperature for a long time, resulting in the cavity spitting white mucus, which directly affects the ear and yield.
4. The wrong period for opening and expanding the cavity
The suitable bacterium age for opening and oxygenating the bag is usually divided into: about 10 days for opening the small mouth, 2-3 days for tearing off the tape, 2 days for cutting the film and expanding the cavity, 15-16 days for the three processes, such as the use of one-time completion, the bacterium age 14-15 days. Cultivators often delay the time of opening and expanding holes, so that the mycelium in the bag is seriously deprived of oxygen, resulting in weak growth, difficult to produce ears or uneven and unproductive.
5. Water spraying and humidification too much
After the bag opening oxygenation cover paper, not timely spraying water, the bag breathing vigorously, water evaporation fast, cavity mycelium dry, the original base is difficult to form. Some cultivators, as soon as they see the original base forming, spray the original base away by spraying it with a gun like the black fungus thinning base. The original base of white fungus is a grain or a single ear, and excessive water spraying affects the rate of ear emergence and young ears; coupled with the closed door spraying water, the ventilation is poor, resulting in mold attacks and rotten ears; some cultivation frame is too high, when spraying water, the upper layer can not spray water, and the bottom layer is too wet, resulting in uneven ear emergence in the high and low layers, and even the lack of water in the upper layer, and the seed entity is poorly developed.
6. Improper structure of house and shed
Therefore, the ventilation of the doorway is good and the long ear is good, while the long ear of the inside is poor. Some cultivation rooms do not have ventilation windows above, so water vapor rises after spraying water to humidify and drips down and gathers on the ear bags on the top layer of the cultivation frame, causing rotten ears on the top layer of the bags.
7. Poor quality of strain
The strain itself is impure, with miscellaneous bacteria or virus, especially the radioactive bacteria, mixed in the strain, after inoculation, the sprouting force is very strong, overwhelming the silver ear mycelium, so that the ear can not come out; some because of the degradation of the ash mycelium, the initial trend after inoculation is normal, black, gradually recede into white and disappear, so that the whole batch does not come out; also because of the seed making process of two kinds of mycelium ratio is out of balance, the ash mycelium is too strong dominant, and the silver ear mycelium is inhibited The ear emergence is slow or the ear emergence rate is not high.
8. Insect prevention is not timely
Before the bag opening and tearing cloth, there is no pesticide spraying, after the opening, mites burrow into the cavity and eat mycelium, so that the ear cannot come out, and some doors and windows are not installed with screens, especially in spring when the original base differentiates into young ear, swarms of insects and infant mosquitoes fly in from the window, and the reproduction rate is very high, and they lay eggs in the cavity to form larvae, which burrow into the cavity and eat mycelium, resulting in batch failure.