2023-03-15 18:18:07

How to promote the mushroom of the second crop of morel mushroom?

1. Nutrient stimulation
Mushroom emergence can be induced by removing the exogenous nutrient bag, causing a break in nutrient delivery. If the nutrition of the exogenous nutrient bag is not depleted and it is a mushroom-prone species, then the bag can be left out; if the contamination of the exogenous nutrient bag occurs, the bag must be withdrawn.
2. Moisture stimulation
During the long-term mushroom raising process, the moisture of autumn and winter stubble and early spring stubble gradually go low, a heavy water should be sprayed when promoting mushroom, and it is appropriate to see water in the drainage ditch, which can greatly stimulate the transformation of mycelium from nutritional growth to reproductive growth. Specific operation: use drip irrigation, furrow irrigation or sprinkler irrigation to water the compartment thoroughly, sandy soil can be divided into 2 times with 12-24 hours interval between the two times, clay soil pay attention to avoid waterlogging. Some areas can make the soil humidity moist for a long time due to abundant rain, so the step of watering to stimulate mushroom can be omitted.
3. Oxygen stimulation
During the mushroom raising period, the shed is always in a state of low oxygen and high carbon dioxide. When stimulating mushrooms, you can appropriately increase the ventilation and air exchange to effectively increase the oxygen content, and choose the ventilation period and time according to the change of weather and the temperature in the shed to stimulate the transfer to reproductive growth of mushrooms.
4. Temperature stimulation
Start mushroom stimulation treatment when the temperature rises back to 4-10℃. After mushroom stimulation, raise the temperature at 5cm below the surface to 8-12℃ during the day and lower the temperature inside the shed (surface temperature) to 3-5℃ at night to widen the temperature difference to more than 10℃, which can effectively induce the occurrence of progenitor. There should be no low temperature (surface temperature) lower than 0℃ after inducing mushroom, so as to avoid frostbite and abortion after the occurrence of the original base. The minimum ground temperature and air temperature should not be lower than 6℃ to avoid frost damage to young mushrooms (<3cm).