2023-03-03 18:04:39

What should I do if white lumps grow on the pleats of flat mushrooms?

The nematode infestation of the flat mushroom produces white tuberous projections, forming many unspecified tubercles in the flat mushroom gills. In severe cases, the entire gills are covered with white tubercles, causing the mushroom to lose its commercial value. The nematodes will lay eggs in the nodules and the larvae will burst out of the nodules soon after hatching.
1. Occurrence pattern. 
Nematodes prefer moist soil and live on organic matter-rich material, and are mainly spread by mushrooms, mites, culture material and water.
2. Prevention and treatment measures.

① Spray insecticide to remove the pests from the mushroom room before using the room, and use special agents such as mushroom friend Conning to spray smother the room.
② Control air humidity and enhance ventilation to inhibit nematode growth.
③After nematode infestation is found, remove diseased mushrooms and burn them on the spot, then spray 0.1% iodine solution or 0.5%~1% bleaching powder solution, and use mushroom friend Conning and other agents to spray or instill into mushroom beds and bales, which can kill nematodes.