2024-07-03 16:55:46

Bagging Technology for Factory Production of Lions Mane Mushroom

1. Mixing and Bagging
According to the formula of "30% sawdust, 16% corn cob, 22% cottonseed hull, 15% bran, 10% rice bran, 5% corn flour, 2% gypsum", add the raw materials to the mixer and mix dry for 10 minutes, then add water to adjust When the moisture content reaches 65%, add water and continue stirring for 30 minutes to start the bagging process. Bags are bagged using a vertical double-punch automatic bagging machine. The filling height is 20cm. After loading, the material surface should be close to the plastic bag. Any gaps will affect the formation of Hericium primordia.
2. Sterilization and Cooling
Use a fully automatic high-pressure steam sterilizer to sterilize and maintain 121°C for 2 hours. Cold air needs to be completely eliminated before sterilization. Condensed water must be removed regularly during the sterilization process to ensure complete sterilization of miscellaneous bacteria in the sterilization package. After sterilization, open a gap in both the front and rear doors of the sterilization pot, and use the positive pressure clean air in the cooling chamber to discharge the steam and heat in the sterilization pot. After the steam is removed, the bacteria package is pulled into the cooling room for forced cooling by air conditioning.
3. Inoculation
When the center temperature of the bacterial package is lower than 24°C, it can be inoculated on the inoculation line. During inoculation, aseptic operating procedures must be strictly followed, and the time for opening the plastic cover of the bacterial package should be shortened as much as possible to avoid contamination by miscellaneous bacteria.
4. Cultivation and Management
After the inoculation is completed, move the bacterial package into the culture room for culture. The culture room temperature is 23-25°C, the relative humidity is 65-70%, the CO2 concentration is <4 000 μL/L, and it is protected from light. During the cultivation process, it is necessary to monitor the center temperature of the bacterial packs, the temperature between the bacterial packs and the indoor air temperature every day to ensure that the central temperature of the bacterial packs does not exceed 26°C. Determine the uniformity of the environmental conditions in the culture room by monitoring the temperatures between bacterial bags at multiple locations. If the difference is large, increase the internal circulation air volume and try to keep all bacterial bags under more consistent culture conditions.