2023-11-23 11:03:27

Growing Conditions for Golden Ear Mushrooms

1. Temperature: Golden ear is a mesophilic fungus and has a wide adaptability to temperature. Golden fungus mycelium can grow in the range of 8-32 degrees, and the optimal growth temperature is 22-25 degrees. The fruiting body formation temperature can be between 18-22 degrees and 6-35 degrees, but it grows best within the range of 15-25 degrees.
2. Humidity: During the mycelial growth period, moisture is supplied from the bag. Regardless of the external humidity, the relative air humidity must be maintained at no less than 85% after the primordia forms openings, otherwise the surface of the primordium will dry and die, resulting in deformed mushrooms. Lack of water during the color transfer period will also cause uneven color transfer and affect the appearance of the product.
3. Air: The growth stage of golden fungus mycelium is not sensitive to carbon dioxide concentration, and only requires intermittent and appropriate ventilation. After the fruiting body is formed, a large amount of ventilation is required, and fresh air is helpful for the expansion and color change of the golden ear.
4. Lighting: Mycelial growth does not require light. Scattered light can promote the formation of primordium. Scattered light is needed to assist color change during the fruiting body expansion period. Insufficient light intensity and time will cause the color of golden ear to be lighter or uneven color transfer. Sufficient light is a necessary condition for the formation of high-quality golden ear.