2023-08-02 11:13:50

Production methods of different types of oyster mushroom strains

Cottonseed hull strains, barley strains, branch strains, and liquid strains all have great differences in terms of germination, fruiting, inoculation cost, and efficiency. In order to improve the economic benefits of growers, we have sorted out the production methods of different types of oyster mushroom strains for the reference of planting friends.
1. Wheat Seed Preparation
Formula: 99% wheat grains, 1% gypsum, soak the wheat grains with warm water and 1% lime until there is no white heart. Then pull out and add gypsum and mix thoroughly and bottle (350g/bottle), sterilize at 126°C for 120min. After cooling, inoculate aseptically (the inoculum size of each bottle is 1/4 plate parent species), and cultivate at a constant temperature of 25°C after inoculation until the bottle is full of mycelia.
2. Cottonseed hull seed preparation
Formula: 85% cottonseed husk, 13% bran, 1% lime, 1% gypsum, pre-wetted raw materials and then bagged with mixed material (17 cmX35 cm polypropylene bag, each bag contains 0.9 kg of wet material). The moisture content of the material is 62%. After the material is bagged, it is sterilized at 126° C. for 120 min, and two ends are inoculated, and each plate strain is connected with 2 bags. After inoculation, it was cultured at a constant temperature of 25°C until the bag was full of mycelium.
3. Shoot Seed Preparation
Poplar branches (specification 12cmx0.4cmx0.7cm) are bundled and put into a barrel, then soaked in 1% lime water for more than 24 hours, remove, drain and sprinkle bran, so that each branch is evenly covered with bran and then bagged. Before and after the branches are bagged, a layer of cottonseed hull seed culture medium is respectively spread on the bottom and top of the bag. After bagging, sterilize at 126°C for 120 minutes, and inoculate one head after cooling (the amount of inoculation in the bag is 1/4 of the mother seed on the plate). After inoculation, it was cultivated at a constant temperature of 25°C until the mycelium was full of bags.
4. Liquid Seed Preparation
Medium formula: glucose 20g, peptone 2g, magnesium sulfate 0.5g, calcium chloride 0.1g, potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.5g, B vitamins 100ug, distilled water 100 ml. Accurately weigh the raw materials, boil to constant volume, divide into Erlenmeyer flasks, add 10 glass beads to each bottle, and sterilize at 121°C for 30 minutes. Inoculate after cooling, and connect 10 pieces of perforated female seed blocks in each bottle, and place the inoculated 160r/min, 25°C constant temperature shaking incubator to cultivate for 7 days.