2023-02-21 17:58:07

Three Cultivation Models of Oudemansiella Raphanipies

1. Soilless cultivation mode
The traditional view is that the cultivation of oudemansiella raphanipies needs a soil environment, otherwise it will not be able to produce mushrooms, and even if it can produce mushrooms, it will be rare and uneven. But now there is a factory production mode of soilless and high-yield oudemansiella raphanipies, which has realized the efficient and annual production of oudemansiella raphanipies.
Soilless cultivation mainly has the following three advantages: one is fast fruiting. Traditionally, it takes more than 25 days to cover the soil to produce mushrooms, but under the soilless cultivation mode, it can be produced within a week after opening the bag, which greatly shortens the fruiting cycle; Second, the mushrooms produced are clean, high-quality, beautiful in shape, free of soil pollution and rhizoids, which increases the proportion of edible parts; third, it is easier to control pests and diseases without considering the pollution of mold, insects and chemical elements in the soil.
It should be emphasized that soilless cultivation requires a large economic investment in equipment and workshops, which is suitable for the factory production of the company.
2. Cultivation mode of pocket soil covering
The bag mouth cover soil mode, as the name suggests, is to cover the mouth of the mushroom bag with soil and produce mushrooms. Compared with the full bag removal method, the labor load is relatively low, easy to manage, and the mushrooms are evenly produced, but the cycle is longer. Because the contact surface with the soil is small, it is not easy to cause large-scale pollution. Even if there is pollution, it is easy to find and deal with. It is especially suitable for farmers who have just started to learn to grow oudemansiella raphanipies.
3. Cultivation mode of full bag removal and soil covering
The treatment method of full bag removal and soil covering cultivation has strong explosive power, can produce mushrooms quickly, can achieve considerable yields in a relatively short period of time, and can produce ideal economic benefits in a short period of time.
This mode is labor-intensive, requires high production technology, and requires more production costs than the bag-mouth-covered cultivation method, so the risk is high. Mushroom farmers with experience in mushroom production are required to carry out refined management of mushroom production. Generally speaking, when the farmers are fully familiar with the fruiting conditions and production management methods of oudemansiella raphanipies, the use of this model can produce considerable economic benefits.