2022-05-19 14:39:19

Rigid demand - the prerequisite for the industrialization of oyster mushrooms

Whether oyster mushrooms can be made into factories and whether oyster mushrooms can be made into small factories is a question that is asked a lot.
Let me first talk about whether the industrialization of oyster mushrooms is feasible from a technical point of view?
It is completely feasible. There are already many professional oyster mushroom and small oyster mushroom factories in the country, or some king oyster mushroom factories produce oyster mushrooms when the price of oyster mushrooms is better.
Oyster mushroom is a kind of edible fungus with high oxygen consumption. Oyster mushroom needs a lot of oxygen during fruiting, so it needs a lot of ventilation. The entry of a lot of hot air will inevitably lead to an increase in energy consumption.
This leads to the fact that the cost of industrialized oyster mushrooms is higher than that of oyster mushrooms produced in greenhouses, which is why many people are not sure whether they can be industrialized oyster mushrooms.
Oyster mushrooms are produced in factories almost every day of the year. The cost of a pound of oyster mushrooms is at least 2 yuan, and it is even higher in high temperature summer.
Such a cost is not competitive when the greenhouse oyster mushrooms are listed.
Therefore, whether oyster mushrooms can be factory-made depends on the following two points:
1. The length of time that oyster mushrooms in local greenhouses cannot be marketed in large quantities, generally in hotter cities, this period of time will be relatively long, and oyster mushrooms can be produced in factories when the price of oyster mushrooms is good for a long time.
2. In addition to the first point, it is more important to see whether there is a rigid demand for oyster mushrooms in the city where you are located. Rigid demand refers to whether the market must need oyster mushrooms in the high temperature summer, and whether it can accept higher prices. And there is a greater demand.
This rigid demand generally comes from the catering industry, such as hot pot restaurants, skewer restaurants, barbecue restaurants, malatang, etc. Oyster mushrooms are essential for them. Even if they retail for 10 yuan a pound, they must buy them because Guests need to order.
Those that can have such rigid demand must be some relatively large cities, and they are cities with relatively high consumption power.
Therefore, technology and cost are not the criteria for judging whether oyster mushrooms can be factory-made, but whether the market facing them has a rigid demand for oyster mushrooms and whether they can accept higher-priced oyster mushrooms.