Mushroom Container Mushroom Growing Container

Mushroom Growing Container

The mushroom container consists of three parts: a control platform, an air handling unit and a controlled environment experimental chamber. The control platform is equipped with secondary instruments and regulators that control various parameters of the artificial climate chamber. The edible fungus movable box room regulator displays the setting values of various environmental parameters required by the artificial climate chamber. And the deviation between the actual value and the positive definite value of the artificial climate chamber is continuously detected based on the secondary instrument. Automatically send out adjustment signals to various actuators (such as heat sources, cold sources, fans, water pumps, gas composition control systems, etc.) for action. The air handling unit is equipped with various conditioning equipment such as air filters, hot and cold coils, humidifiers and dehumidifiers. These devices act on instructions from the controller that controls the room regulator. Environmental experiment cabins are usually equipped with electric light sources and sensing elements that monitor temperature, humidity, cleanliness, gas composition and other factors. And connected with the secondary instrument, the actual values sensed are transmitted to the regulator on the control platform for difference recognition. Repeat this route to make the actual value in the artificial climate chamber the same as the positive definite value on the regulator.
The size of the container mushroom house can be customized:
Usually the size of a 20-foot or 40-foot container;
The shelf can also be customized.

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