Crusher Machinery Diesel Sawdust Crusher Machine

Diesel Sawdust Crusher Machine

The diesel sawdust crusher machine mainly include machine frame, blade and diesel engine etc. According to drive power difference, there are diesel sawdust crusher machine and electric sawdust crusher machine; According to wood particle size difference,there are wood chip crush machine and wood powder crush machine.In mushroom industry, mushroom growth mainly request for wood chips. The diesel sawdust crusher machine has different capacity model and can customize as order. As you know, different mushroom growth request for different percent of sawdust. Like shiitake growth, 100% sawdust ; oyster growth, mostly corncob or cotton seed hull ; king oyster growth, part of sawdust and part of corncob etc. So 2000kg/h model and 3000kg/h model popular in mushroom industry. 
The parameters are as follows:

Model Size Power Capacity Weight
STCM-2 152*81*91cm 18horsepower 1000kg/hour 820kg


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