Bagging Machine Layer Bagging Machine for Oyster Growing

 Layer Bagging Machine for Oyster Growing

The layer bagging machine mean fill compost and spawn at same time. Worker can set spawn filling layer quantity according to growth demand. The machine only apply for oyster growth and just suit for family farm. The filling tube often customize as bag and the oyster bag width often 20-24cm.The filling capacity about 500-600bags each hour. 
Oyster growth has two grow process: 1. compost pasteurization first ,then fill compost and spawn together 2. fill compost into bag or bottle first, then sterilize ,when cool down, inoculate by then. The first process apply for family farm and also used in some family farm now, but not popular ,the second process apply for mushroom plant. The layer bagging machine design as the first grow process. 
The parameters are as follows:


Model Size Power Capacity Weight
STFB-2 185*85*95cm 3kw/3phase or 4kw/1phase 500-600bags/hour 220kg

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