2021-12-13 17:19:49

The key to shiitake mushroom cultivation is sterilization

Sterilization is an extremely important link in the process of cultivating shiitake mushrooms, which is related to the success or failure of cultivation.
First of all, before mixing the mushrooms, carefully check the sealing degree of the sterilization stove, the degree of flame burning and whether the cooling air is unblocked. Secondly, after the bagging is finished, the bag should be put into the bag immediately, and the bag should be neatly stacked according to the amount of 3 tons of material per stove. At the same time, add enough water to the sterilization pot. Third, after the material bag enters the stove, the material pile is closed and the ignition heats up. After igniting, the fan should be adjusted to the maximum, and the method of violent fire should be adopted to try to raise the temperature of the material bag to 100°C in 4-5 hours, and then enter the holding stage. In the holding stage, a small fire and slow burning method should be adopted to keep the material temperature at 100°C. If a bag with a width of 15-17 cm is used, the time to maintain 100°C should be no less than 16 hours; if a bag with a width of 24 cm is used, the time to keep 100°C should be no less than 24 hours. In the maintenance phase, pay attention to the relationship between adding water and fire. When adding water, it should be burned to ensure that the temperature does not decrease. It is absolutely impossible to cause the temperature in the stove to be low for a long time due to too much water at one time. After reaching the time to cease the fire, the material should be stuffed for 12 hours, and the residual heat in the stove should be used to continue the sterilization.

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