2021-12-07 15:56:04

Winter mushroom bed management technology

1. Insulation and ventilation: the temperature of the mushroom room in winter is kept above 3℃ to prevent freezing in the room to prevent the mycelium from being damaged by freezing. Before entering the winter, check the four walls of the mushroom house one by one to block the air leakage, and hang curtains on the doors and windows to prevent the intrusion of cold wind. Pay attention to ventilation in warm weather and keep the indoor air fresh. Open the south window of the mushroom room for 2-3 hours at noon. When the weather is warm and there is no wind, and the outdoor temperature is above 8°C, open both the north and south windows to allow air convection. At noon the outdoor temperature is lower than 5℃, ventilation should be suspended.
2. Water spraying and top dressing: Determine the number of spraying water according to the degree of soil dryness and wetness, keep the soil moist, prevent over-spraying, excessively wet the bed surface, and avoid frost damage to the germinated hyphae. Combined with spraying water and topdressing, the manure water is boiled and filtered before pouring, and the concentration is 20%.
3. Loosen the soil and remove old roots: The mushroom house is in good condition and the hyphae grows vigorously. You can scrape the fine soil of the mushroom bed to loosen the coarse soil, and the loose surface can be larger. The conditions of the mushroom house and the growth of mycelium are normal, so you don't need to scrape the fine soil on the bed, just loosen the coarse soil directly. The mushroom house conditions and mycelial growth are poor. The soil should not be loosened in winter. Before the mushrooms emerge from March to April next year, gently move the coarse soil and fine soil once. When loosening the soil, the white hyphae cannot be peeled off, especially the hyphae wrapped around the coarse soil. Excessive peeling affects the yield of spring mushrooms. Remove the old roots and dead mushrooms from the mushroom bed, and re-level the coarse and fine soil. When the hyphae germinate one week after the last soil loosening, cover the mushroom bed with a layer of soil 2 to 3 cm thick. Spray water and top-dressing 2-3 times before covering the soil to provide enough water and nutrients to promote the germination and growth of mycelium.

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