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What equipment is needed to produce Ganoderma lucidum

1. Production of Ganoderma lucidum strains
① Strain classification
Mother species: also known as test-tube species or first-class species, it is a pure species obtained from the separation of spores or tissues of Ganoderma lucidum.
Original species: the mycelium of the mother species is connected to wood chips or other medium, and the mycelium formed after incubation and cultivation is also called secondary species. It is generally connected in a 750 ml jar.
Cultivated species: It is a large number of mycelium formed by expanding and multiplying the original species, also known as tertiary species, which is used to directly cultivate Ganoderma lucidum.
② Strain type
Liquid strains: It is a liquid culture medium with a certain pH value after dissolving natural nutrients and a certain amount of chemicals, then inoculated with Ganoderma lucidum strains, and cultivated at a certain temperature.
Cotton shell strain: a strain made of cotton shell, wheat drum, sugar and other auxiliary materials.
Sawdust strain: made of wood chips as the main material, plus other auxiliary materials.
Grain strains: strains made from wheat grains, sorghum, corn, etc.
Arsenicus strains: strains cultivated with a certain shape of wood blocks, branches, etc. as substrates.
2. Seed production equipment and utensils
① Raw material processing equipment: branch slicer, sawdust grinder, fungus shredder
② Culture material preparation equipment: culture material mixer, culture material bottling, bagging machine
③ Sterilization equipment for compost: atmospheric pressure sterilizer, high pressure sterilizer, vertical sterilizer, horizontal sterilizer, portable sterilizer.
④ Inoculation equipment and tools: inoculation tools (inoculation knife, inoculation loop, inoculation shovel, tweezers, etc.) inoculation room inoculation box (with alcohol lamp, ultraviolet lamp and other equipment inside) ultra-clean workbench.
⑤ Culture equipment: incubator, air conditioner, other temperature control equipment, culture rack
⑥ Strain package storage equipment: refrigerator
⑦ Fermentation equipment: compressors, air filters, shakers, seed tanks, test tubes, strain bottles, plastic bags, collars, tube membranes and other necessary supplies


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